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BlockFi backs Litecoin[LTC] as collateral and GUSD as loan funding option
October 16, 2018 0 7
BlockFi, the leading crypto-to-USD lender, which produces loaning and financial obligation items for cryptoasset owners will now sustain Litecoin (LTC) as collateral and Gemini’s GUSD stablecoin as a lending funding ...
Coinbase shutters its crypto index fund aimed at institutional investors
October 13, 2018 0 0
Coinbase, the San Francisco based cryptocurrency exchange, has been working to drive institutional investments right into the crypto market. The exchange has actually launched products that will aid institutional capitalists ...
IBM Food Trust blockchain network expands with supermarket giant Carrefour on board
October 9, 2018 0 2
IBM on Monday announced that Carrefour, Europe’s biggest merchant, has actually joined its blockchain-based food supply chain network. The cloud network, called IBM Food Trust, allows stores, vendors, and also ...
Canada’s McLeod Law firm among the first to accept cryptocurrency for legal payment
October 1, 2018 0 1
McLeod Regulation, a reputed law firm in Canada comes to be initial in the organization to embrace cryptocurrency as a repayment mode for a legal charge. On Monday, the law ...
Store Bitcoin & Euros in one bank account through this German startup
September 26, 2018 0 2
A German FinTech Start-up has set the market abuzz with their most current revelation that allows savings account owners to save Bitcoin in their accounts without any hassle. Bitwala, is ...
US lawmakers write to IRS to issue “comprehensive” crypto taxation guidance
September 20, 2018 0 0
Greater than a year after their initial letter to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), UNITED STATE legislators have once again contacted the IRS to release a “detailed” crypto taxes guidance, ...
Blockchain should help society move towards a “greener and inclusive” future: Jack Ma
September 17, 2018 0 1
According to Jack Ma, the founder of Chinese retail large Alibaba, blockchain and other innovative modern technologies should confirm that they have the power to produce a long-term influence on ...
Bitcoins will fluctuate, get used to it: Jeffrey Tucker
September 17, 2018 0 0
The popular Bitcoin fanatic, business economics scientist, liberal and also most plainly a Forbes journalist, Jeffery Tucker has actually advised the crypto-industry to be planned for the change of the ...
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